Our Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to create a transparent, accountable, participatory and people-oriented sustainable strategic governance system and culture based on continuous improvement and excellence, supported by multi-dimensional quality standards by the mission, vision, values ​​and principles of our university.

In this context, our university has adopted the following quality management and quality assurance tools and approaches in order to meet different and multi-faceted objectives at the institutional level.

  • To adopt the EFQM Excellence Model as a governance tool in all our processes at the corporate level, to implement the strategic management system and to apply it at the level of excellence,
  • To apply and certify ISO 9001 Quality Management System successfully in our administrative and support processes,
  • To adopt and successfully implement ISO 26000: Social Responsibility Management System in order to support our work with quality standards within the framework of our social and social responsibility principles,
  • To provide and document the relevant ISO standards in important areas that will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the administrative and support processes of our university,
  • To apply the internal and external quality assurance standards and approaches defined within the framework of European Standards and Guidelines in Higher Education developed for the European Higher Education Area at the level of excellence in all education and training programs,
  • To apply all the quality approach and requirements defined by the Higher Education Quality Council of Turkey at the level of excellence in all education and training programs.
  • To deepen the quality management and quality assurance practices adopted at the institutional level on the basis of education and training programs, and to achieve national and internationally recognized program accreditations.


Our Achievements

  • EFQM Committed to Excellence Certificate (2 Stars)
  • ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate (Beykoz Logistics Vocational School Administrative Processes)
  • ECTS Information Package
  • Diploma Supplement