In order to ensure that qualifications are clearly and easily understood in the EU, including the candidate countries, thereby increasing the employment and mobility of graduates and students, EUROPASS (European Passport) was established by Decree 2241/2004 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 December 2004 on a single transparency framework for qualifications.

Europass is a folder of coordinated documents that improves communication between job seekers and employers without limitation.


  • Helps people to effectively express their skills and competences when looking for work or training;
  • Helps the employers to better understand the skill and competence workforce;
  • Helps education authorities to define and express curriculum content.
  • Turkey's National Europass Center is Vocational Qualifications Authority.


Europass Documents

Europass documents folder, consisting of 5 documents, are open to voluntary use by our graduates or students who want to enter a European Union level education program or are looking for a job and aim to help them better explain their features and competences.

They are;

You can visit Europass webpage for further information.