Beykoz University has determined the experience learning approach as one of the educational approaches it has developed on 5 basic principles. Therefore, it attaches importance to establishing laboratories and creating rich library collections in order to enable students to experience, learn and easily access the resources that will facilitate their learning. The rich library in the Rectorate campus, the laboratories, workshops and studios it has established in 5 different campuses are the result of this effort.

In addition to the PC and MAC laboratories established in each campus, they are created in specific laboratories and workshops according to the characteristics of departments and programs.

For example;

Audiometry and Health laboratories, Drawing and Design Workshops,

Civil Aviation Cabin Services Mock-Up Laboratory and Logistics Simulation Laboratories in Kavacık Campus,

Drawing and Design Workshops, Studios, Physics Laboratories,

Kitchens of Culinary Program and Gastronomy Department in School of Foreign Languages Campus.