Beykoz University “language policy” has been structured on the basis of the procedures and principals of the learning teaching model of the University which is original, personal, enables learning through experience, uses advanced technology in teaching, and aims internalization. The foundation of our language policy consists of enabling students to assume responsibility in their own learning processes by consolidating their studying skills and language learning strategies, teaching them how to learn, contributing their development in their interaction with different cultures by using various effective communication ways in an ideal degree. The integral parts of this foundation are to teach the foreign language which will enable the establishment of intercultural bridges (to understand the texts written and spoken in foreign languages, to use that language by writing and speaking, to have knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary of that language), and while acquiring these knowledge and skills, to use all the required written, spoken, visual, audial, online knowledge sources and current foreign language approach and methods.

Our university assumes its mission to offer a sufficient and qualified English language education with the opportunities it provides with in-class and distance education, to help its domestic and international students who are not native speakers of English, to enable them to add value to the society through their learning, make them creative, participative, innovative, respectful of the rights and freedoms of people, of free thought and universal values and be open to communication and to enable them to develop the power of expression with the sense of social responsibility, to meet the requirements to follow the departments and/or programs in the University.

Under Beykoz University School of Foreign Languages,

  • English Preparatory Program,
  • Bachelor/Associate English Program and
  • Modern Languages Program

are three separate programs which provide foreign language support for its students and actualize its language policy.

Apart from these programs, the students are informed to attend international exchange program and foreign language learning in international schools organized by International Office (Beykoz-TÖMER) which is present within the University in order to encourage internalization, living with different cultures and learning through experience.

English Preparatory Program:

The students attend English Preparatory Program courses in line with the medium of instruction of the department/program they are placed as “compulsory” (for students whose department/program in English) and as “optional” (for students whose department/program in Turkish). 

English Preparatory Program has been devised taking The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) as basis. The students are placed into the classes according to the results of the English Placement Test they have taken at the beginning of the academic year as A1 (elementary), A2 (pre-intermediate), B1 (intermediate), B1+ (intermediate+) levels. The program consists of two combined modules of approximately 16 weeks (1st Module Fall Semester; 2nd Module Spring Semester) and a single module of approximately of 7 weeks (3rd Module Summer Term); as three modules in total. 

Foreign language program is planned as approximately 24 hours in a week, in-class and face to face and Communicative Approach, Content Based and Task Based methods and techniques are used in the courses. Besides the in-class courses, the students are involved in online and individual working processes which enable them being autonomous individuals and support task-based learning out of the class. Academic Counselling Unit-ACUT established within the program supports the students with the studies which meet their foreign language requirements.

The students whose end of module success average is 65 and over are deemed successful in that module and have right to receive education from an upper level than their previous level. 

The students who complete B1+ level with the grade of 80 and more and the students who score at least 60 points in the English Proficiency Exam are deemed to have completed the Preparatory Program successfully and have the right to receive education in the courses to be offered in their departments in the following term.

Bachelor/Associate Program:

Bachelor/Associate English Program consist of courses in English offered in bachelor and associate programs whose medium of instruction are Turkish and English.

The students whose programs’ medium of instruction is English attend B2 (upper-intermediate) level English courses in their programs after having been successful (exempted) in the English Preparatory Program. In the program, beside the foreign language courses which develop General English and communication skills (face to face and online), Business English courses are also offered.  The students who successfully complete the bachelor program have the competence to use English in B2+ (upper intermediate+) level defined on European Language Portfolio and associate students have the competence to use English in B2 (upper intermediate) level.

The students whose programs’ medium of instruction is Turkish attend the General English courses on Bachelor/Associate Program (face to face and online).  In some programs, Business English is offered as well as General English. The students who complete the bachelor program successfully have the competence to use English in B1 (intermediate) level defined on European Language Portfolio and associate students have the competence to use English in A2 (pre- intermediate) level.

On the other hand, the bachelor/associate students whose medium of instruction is Turkish are encouraged by being informed about the English Preparatory Program to learn English which is required to attend student exchange programs such as Erasmus, AFS, Mevlana, and opportunities to obtain a diploma from a program/department whose medium of instruction is English (to have the advantage to be placed on a program whose medium of instruction is English, to choose a program/department whose medium of instruction is English as double major, to be a sought for personnel in the sector, to have internship opportunities in big companies, to easily adapt and follow the department courses in English).

Modern Languages Program:

With Modern Languages Program which has been designed to teach foreign languages other than English to develop their foreign language skills that they will need in their department and business lives, Beykoz University supports the students of bachelor, vocational school and associate programs. The students register to the foreign language courses other than English as “selective course” which will be offered by the Modern Languages Program.